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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Godbharai - Being given the baby Krishna on a temporary basis for adoption

Godbharai is a serial on Sony that deals with the character of a lady in a marriage who does not have a child after many years of marriage, and who gets socially blamed for this. It eventually gets bad enough that they do a test, and it is determined that Aastha is fine medically, and it is Shivam who is deficient. Aastha does not want to expose him to any amount of ridicule, so they do not go in for any kind of treatment.
And then the miracle happens, on Janmashtami day, Aastha finds a baby in a small basket in the water, and is incredibly happy. The baby is called Krishna, and they are incredibly happy with the baby. However, not everybody in the family is happy, since the sister-in-law feels that her own kid will lose a portion of the inheritance, and tries her tactics to make things uncomfortable.
And then the disaster happens. It turns out that getting the baby to Aastha was a contrived accident, where Shivam had arranged to steal the baby from an orphanage and get it to Aastha. And then the police get involved, where the lady running the orphanage finally takes the baby back and declines to make a police case about it. Aastha was pretty angry with Shivam about doing all this.
However, they finally decide that they were very attached to the baby Krishna, and decide to go back to the orphanage for adopting Krishna, and are then told that there is another couple who has already committed for the adoption. However, finally the other couple lets them take the baby, but they are given a period of 3 months in which they can demonstrate that they are capable of taking good care of the young child.

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