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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hindi TV Serials - Bidaai - Sadhana dead, and the serial now jumps 7 years ahead

In the pretty popular serial, Bidaai, on Star Plus, things suddenly seem to have gone into fast action. If you consider the movements of the past 2-3 weeks, everything seems to have been accelerated. After the resolution of the illegitimate son of Inderjeet, things were fast forwarded. Everybody seemed to be happy, both Sadhana and Ragini got pregnant, with nearabouts the same delivery date.
And then news started filtering out that would change a lot of stuff in the serial. The news was that Sadhana would be out of the serial, there would be a time leap, and Ranvir would also be out of the serial. Sadhana may come back later in a different role. And so things started moving; first you had Sadhana giving birth to Khushi, and then praying that all the bad things she started feeling would go away. However, this was not to be.
When visiting the temple at around the time that Ragini would be going in for birth, Sadhana and Alekh got caught in a bomb blast by terrorists, the resulting explosion causing the death of Sadhana at the scene, and Alekh being pushed back to his crazy state due to the shock of the explosion. And Ragini had to accept this, as well as the fact that she was now responsible for the care of 2 infants, 2 girls, being Khushi, and her own daughter Tamanna.
And then the serial has moved into fast forward, into 7 years in the future, in a time leap. Ragini has accepted the loss of Sadhana, but the pain remains.

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