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Friday, June 18, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Bidaai on Star Plus - Everything seems to be going fine, but .. dark forebodings

On Bidaai on Star Plus, everything seems to be going fine. Even the drama about the illegitimate son of Inderjeet finally blew over. The son came, threatened, put them in some difficult situations, and when Vasu got to know, she was also somewhat angry, but then suddenly the makers of the serial decided to make everything good again and so, Karan decides, after suddenly seeing the ill-health of Sadhana, that he is not really a vindictive person, and this is a good family. So he forgives all of them, makes his peace with them, and then leaves the house.
And then the serial starts moving a bit in fast forward more. Both Sadhana and Ragini are now pregnant, enjoying their pregnancy, everybody is happy and in the mood for celebrations. Sadhana however is a bit worried about whether there will be any bad events in the future, and even has a bad dream about Ragini.
The forecast is all about something bad happening in the serial to Sadhana, either in the form of childbirth, or it was rumored, in the form of a bomb blast. Or will it happen to Ragini. But even a future clip shown on the serial shows mourning in the family with heavy rain, with mourning going on for one of the principal cast members. Also, it seems likely that Kinshuk, who plays Ranvir will be leaving the show, whether there will be somebody replacing him, or they will show his character dying off is not sure right now. And there will be a time leap in the show as well.
What will happen next ? Right now the show is showing the festivities regarding the Godbharai celebration for both of them, to happen in the Rajvansh house.

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