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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Urmila finally gets to know the truth about Ashwin and leaves him

In Pavitra Risha, there are some multiple threads ongoing. In one of the major threads, ever since Archana left Maanav's house as part of the commitment for divorce, there is a major void that all of them are facing. Archana faces huge issues in terms of facing a detachment from the household and from all the relations over there; on the other side, Maanav, his parents and sister all face the absence of Archana. To the extent that Maanav's mother tries to end all talks of Archana in the house since she feels that is the best way for everybody to forget Archana, even though she also misses Archana a lot. Yet, both Archana and Maanav speak on a regular basis, and this is no way to break a relationship (can one really blame Shravani for feeling that Manav is not attached to her - after all, if he maintains a high emotional attachment with his previous wife after agreeing to commit to a new relationship, then how will he able to commit to a new relationship, especially where a new wife and forthcoming kid is involved).
There is good news for Varshu; ever since Ashwin presented his side of the story and blamed Varshu for trying to form a relationship with him, she has been blamed by both Urmila and Satheesh's mother for being responsible for this, since Ashwin is a much loved son-in-law and he could do no wrong. However, only Satheesh believed Varshu and stood by her, and it was he who helped in getting the evidence where Ashwin admitted that he was the one responsible for the entire stuff; this included getting the support from a former colleague of Ashwin's and Varshu's who revealed the truth to Urmila, and that is what Urmila confronted Ashwin with; and finally she left him, to come back to apologize to Satheesh and Varshu for what he did.

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