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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Laagi Tujhe Lagan on Colors - Datta back from the dead, tries to snare Anna

In Laagi Tujhe Lagan, Nakusha is fine with waiting for Datta to know the truth and realize that he is the victim of misunderstandings, in the meantime Datta really does not acknowledge her too much and still continues to hate her. Further, Datta's sister, Kala, who is behind all this, and who does not want anyone to come in a position of power, vows to do whatever she can do to make Nakusha's life hell and to get rid of her from the house.
Datta, in the meantime, is struggling against his enemy, Anna. And it is in the process of pursuing this that the family gets to know that maybe Datta has died in a helicopter crash. Everybody is shocked, with Nakku refusing to believe it, and asking Baaji many questions like whether anybody has seen the body of Datta, how can they believe this without seeing the body as so on.
Baaji finally finds the body of somebody at the scene of the helicopter crash, but the person has not died ; and then sees Datta behind him, and then Datta reveals that he is now trying to locate Anna. Further, Datta knows that this was a plot from Anna to try to kill Datta and that the helicopter pilot was behind it. Finally, Datta comes back to the home, and keeps on ignoring Nakku even though Nakku was very happy to see Datta.
Kala sees Datta softening a bit, and cannot see a case where Datta would soften his anger towards Nakusha, and tries to get him angry again by bringing up the earlier situation of Nakku being the cause of a betrayal, and blaming this for Datta taking more chances with his life now. Datta however is not in a mood for this, and wants to go and rest.

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