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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Vansh trying to force Ichcha to say something, but she refuses to say anything but the truth

Ichcha is really stuck in a bad position. She was trying to be the goody-goody one by helping Vansh to get over his drug addiction by marrying him, but did not care about what this meant to Veer who wanted to marry her. In addition, she did not tell Vansh the truth in person, but tried to tell Vansh about the relation between her and Veer through a letter, something that Tapasya intercepted and replaced. And this was something that was purely Ichcha's fault - she knew about Tapasya's character, knew that Tapasya is very much capable of taking such steps and doing anything to spoil Ichcha's life, and yet when she could have stopped Tapasya earlier (when the police was asking about who made the attempt on Ichcha's life), she let Tapasya go.
Now, Tapasya has been slowly twisting the knife in, making Vansh believe that Veer and Ichcha had a rollicking affair that is still continuing after the marriage, and as a result, Vansh has grown very vindictive. He spares no attempt to make snide remarks on both Ichcha and Veer, even when the whole family is there. He also emotionally blackmails Ichcha to make a public comment against Veer in front of the whole family otherwise he would go back to taking drugs. Ichcha is emotionally distraught at this since she does not want him to go back to taking drugs, but she cannot lie, and as a result, Vansh now claims that he will start taking drugs again and this time, nothing will stop him.
And now, Vansh is dangling a packet full of drugs in front of Ichcha, claiming that he will now start and she can do nothing to stop him.

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