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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hai - Fun and games with Santa, but very serious about Natasha

The serial has suddenly got more serious about the issues related to Natasha and her pregnancy. For some time now, infact before her marriage, Natasha knew that she was pregnant, and so did her mother, but they wanted to ensure that the marriage happened, so the marriage proceeded, and so did the pregnancy, and nobody at her inlaws place got to know, nor did her husband. He did find her health a bit uncertain, and so did once directly ask, and she lied to him that she was not pregnant.
Natasha was very uncertain about the pregnancy, whether she is ready for it, and whether she is in the right frame of mind for it, and after some more experiences, she was getting to be an emotional wreck; having decided that she did not want to have the pregnancy, she went ahead and got an abortion. But she did not tell anybody about the abortion either.
But, things got revealed. First, she developed bad blood with her sister in law, who did a bit of snooping and who got confirmation that Natasha is indeed pregnant, and who informed the rest of the family about it. They were all over-joyed, not knowing that she has terminated the pregnancy. Only Natasha was very afraid about what to tell all of them, and did not tell anybody. But this news is also coming out, with her younger sister-in-law finding out about this, and then finally Priya also finding out. Natasha remains arrogant, so we will see a confrontation between her and Priya, related to whether her brother will listen to her words, or that of Priya's husband.

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