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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saas Bin Sasural - Kia wanting to marry Ved because of conditions of the will

The name of the serial, SaaS Bin Sasural sounds a bit strange now. Earlier, the serial was about a house where there are no women, and where the only daughter-in-law had walked out some time back. And then you had the first lady in the house, in the form of Toasty, who after some amount of decision and discussion finally made it into the house. And slowly, over a period of time, after some tension over some items, she even resolves the issues between Malthi and Pashu, and over the objections of Pitaji and Ved, she gets Malthi back into the house and slowly gets people to overcome the objections that they may have.
Now, the biggest test was about the relationship between Ved and Nitika, with Ved determined for some time to believe that he is a bachelor, but finally the rest of the family managed to convince him that he was in love with Nitika, and Ved finally realized his true feelings and decided that marrying Nitika was the one option for him.
And then the disturbance occurred in the form of Kia. Kia was the daughter of a friend of Pitaji, who had recently died; and apparently Chedi had promised Kia's father that he would get Kia married to Ved. Now, Kia is a modern girl, from London, and for her, the concept of such a family, living with conservative ideals, in a house with only one bathroom, was something very different. But, soon the house was shocked to learn that as per Pitaji, Ved would have to marry Kia, and since Pitaji did not know about Nitika, there was no involvement from his side in the concept of the romance between Ved and Nitika.
But there was a lot of thoughts about why Kia would do this, since there was nothing common between her and Ved. But the complication in the entire scene was an atrocious will made by her father, which mandated that Kia would get his money only if she married Ved and stayed married for a year; over which Kia was shocked, but she realized that she would have to win over the members of the household if she wanted her money.

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