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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Unable to disprove that Vansh is fake

Things are getting tricky for Veer and Ichcha. The fake Vansh has the confidence of Mai, who, initially shocked after seeing her dead son, treats him as the real guy even after everybody else refuses to believe him (how can they, since they have seen the real Vansh dead and even cremated him after he died due to the gun shot). All the attempts by Veer do not work, and they show the fake Vansh getting more confident, and demanding that Veer stop whatever he is doing, and that Ichcha is his wife.
Ichcha is very troubled by this, since she was always in love with Veer, and cannot think of again changing her husbands and going back to Vansh (she had also seen Vansh die, and anyhow, who would think of such a thing as changing her husbands when the previously dead husband came back to life).
And then Veer finds out that Vansh is actually a guy called Rocky, with a girlfriend called Ruby. He believes that he has found a way to get rid of the fake Vansh and to prove his falsehood after this news of Ruby. So he talks to Mai, and tells her that he will show the truth of the return of Vansh, while Mai says that if Veer is unable to prove the truth, Veer will have to give the rights of Vansh back to him, which in this case means that Ichcha will have to go back to being the wife of Vansh rather than Veer (seemed extremely strange).
However, when Ruby is brought to the house, she totally denies knowing Vansh / Rocky, and claims that Veer forcibly brought her to the house asking her to make such statements, and that she actually does not know anything.

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