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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Fate bring back the family members together

Pavitra Rishta is getting back the story after a 18 year leap. Just before the leap, Manav had separated from Archana and there was a gap where they were separate for 18 years, with Savita being the brain behind this separation. However, after the story picks up, there are sequences which seem to bring them closer to each other again.
The main incident is when Manav and DK's company takes over the company where Archana and Purvi were working, and then Arjun, DK's son, decides to fire a number of the people in the company; and then Purvi and Archana call up Manav. This results in a chain of events where Manav comes over to India, and then comes into contact with Archana.
Here, it is as if things have not changed. Even though there has been a lot of dissension between Manjusha and the others, the family still remains in contact with each other. After Punni's affair with her rich boss, the entire family is scandalised, and Vinod is very angry over what has happened; and Manjusha and Vinod decide that Punni needs to get married off as soon as possible. They find a new groom for Punni, who likes Punni and they decide not to tell them anything about Punni's problems in the past. Punni is not happy about the groom, since she wants to get married to a rich guy.
On the other hand, after Manav is shown a divorce paper that Archana is apparently sought to have signed, she denies that she has ever signed a paper; this was also done by Savita through Sachin. Now, Manav is curious to find out about whether this was indeed signed by Archana, or whether she did not sign it as she claimed.

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