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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - 18 years later, Archana and Manav meet, just for Manav to talk to her about divorce

Ever since a few months back, the serial showed a sudden turn of events where Savita created the separation between Archana and Manav by poisoning the mind of Manav against the various actions of Archana, and then Archana also doing her bit to further push off Manav; she handed over her baby to Varsha even though there had been incidents in the past and it happened again where Varsha ran off with the baby and Manav eventually blamed Archana for not listening to whatever happened and that she was the reason for the baby getting stolen by Varsha.
Soon after Manav decided to leave for Canada forever, he sent his mother to talk to Archana about whether she wanted to come; big mistake, since he knew that his mother did not like Archana and she did twist facts to state that Archana did not want to leave her family and go to Canada. He decided to go to Canada and not look back and did not try to get in touch with Archana for all these years (seems very impossible, but then this is a Hindi Serial from Balaji - the queen of time leaps in serials).
And then, after 18 years, through a series of twists and turns, the story took a loop with Archana and Manav coming face to face again. And again manipulation is at work, with Manav having been told that Archana had sent him a divorce petition, although the actual signature of Archana on the petition has been forged. This makes Manav angry and he decides to meet Archana to confront her, but even as Archana is denying that something like this happened, Sachu steps in and prevents her from seeing the forged signatures and tells her that they will only talk to her lawyer and nobody else.

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