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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Sandhya's truth out, getting blamed for everything

In a Hindi serial, if one of the positive characters has a secret, you can be sure that the secret will be revealed such that they will end up getting blamed for everything. In the current situation, although Sandhya has not revealed so that she is much more educated than Sooraj or the rest of the family (while they consider her to be educated upto the 7th standard); her secret is getting revealed by the newspaper (she came 3rd overall in Rajasthan), and hence her secret is getting revealed.
Sandhya was looking for some time for the opportunity to tell Bhabho, but somehow the occasion was not happening, and then the truth comes out in the worst possible fashion. Other ladies from the community see it, and using this as an opportunity to embarrass Bhabho, they come to the house, apparently to congratulate her for having such a highly educated bahu. At around the same time, Bhabho realizes that Sandhya does not know much of cooking (when Sandhya takes cut ladyfinger and tries to make a curry out of them).
Seeing the opportunity, Meena uses the chance to get some of her revenge, adding to the pressure on Sandhya by suggesting that Sandhya had hidden this fact deliberately from everybody, and in fact, since the complaint against Bhabho was made by somebody who was educated, it was done by Sandhya.
Sandhya is left trying to defend herself, with nobody listening to her, and even the ones who she thought would be on her side also saying that they are not sure as to what to believe, and what not to believe; Sooraj also seems to be on the same side.

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