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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Maryada Lekin Kab Tak - Devyani finally launched divorce proceedings

The show has shown the distances between Brahmanand and his wife Devyani growing over a period of time. This increased when Devyani got to know about the relationship that her husband has formed with her own sister Uttara. She is also very angry at Uttara over what has happened, and cannot understand how Uttara would have formed a relationship with her own brother-in-law, that too when her own sister is there in the household.
Priya is fully supportive of her mother-in-law and so is Brahmanand's father who is also aware of the fact that his son is an evil man, who has betrayed his own wife many times, and who is guilty of numerous other crimes. However, Brahmanand's younger son, Aditya does not know the reality of his father, and so is unable to understand what his mother is doing, and how his own wife Priya is also going against his own father (he still does not know that the attempted molestation of his own wife Priya was also done by his own father).
So now the case is in court, with Brahmanand doing his own case, and he is trying to ensure that he uses all the tactics he knows to twist the facts, to portray himself as the wronged one, the one on whose character there is a taint; and he manages to deny all the accusations so far. This is putting Devyani in a twist, since she wants to avoid calling Uttara, and she has a lot of doubts about calling her own sister on the stage and accuse her of having an affair with her own brother-in-law, but this has now happened and the fact about Uttara has also been put on the stage.
There are a lot of doubts about whether Uttara will indeed admit to the affair in court, and Brahmanand has also threatened her not to do something like this. In addition, Brahmanand seeks to turn the tables on Devyani by accusing her of having an affair with her lawyer.

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