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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - Fight between Richa and Siddhi, and Richa's attempts to trap Kunal

Ever since the sudden marriage of Siddhi and Kunal, after the death of Kunal's brother Anand, the person most impacted was Richa, who was (is) in love with Kunal and could not stand to see Kunal married to somebody else. She believes that the relationship between Kunal and Siddhi is based on a compromise and it will just take a bit of time to ensure that the marriage breaks apart and Kunal will come to her. However, for the past several weeks, she is seeing that Kunal has been changing, coming closer to Siddhi and that makes her worried.
So Richa makes a plan to get Kunal to come closer to her, by setting up Vineet to plan marriage to Richa, which would make Kunal jealous, especially when she could show that Vineet was not the right person for her, and make Kunal feel guilty for getting married to Siddhi.
Siddhi realizes that Richa is playing this game, and confronts her, telling Richa that she will ensure that Kunal never gets close to Richa again. Richa cannot stand the thought that Siddhi, whom she considers as a compromise, is confronting her over Kunal and challenges Siddhi that she will ensure that Kunal remains with Richa and Siddhi learns within the space of a day that Kunal actually loves Richa, and Siddhi is just a compromise.
As a part of this, Richa has invited Kunal for a party and there mixes something in the drink that she has made for Kunal. On the other hand, Kunal is trying to learn more about Vineet, and whatever he learns tells him that Vineet is not the right person for Richa. After some more drama, where the evidence presented by Kunal is shown to be wrong, Vineet breaks off the engagement with Richa, and Richa uses the guilt of that to try and trap Kunal, something that Siddhi also sees. However, it is clear that Kunal now has a lot of feelings towards Siddhi.

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