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Friday, January 6, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - 18 years later, Archana and Manav meet

The serial took a time leap at a very strange time, when Manav and Archana separated from each other. Manav was very angry with Archana since he blamed her for the loss of Soham, who Varsha had run away with and then jumped into a water body when she was found. Soon after, Manav left for Canada along with his family, and when Savita was told to ask Archana whether she wanted to go, Savita played her own game and did not ask Archana. As a result, Manav believed that Archana did not want to do with him, and Archana believed that Manav did not take her, and neither really tried to get in touch with each other over the years.
The story resumed 18 years later, and by that time, the twin daughters that Manav and Archana had grown up into 2 young teenagers, one more strong-willed and the other more like a regular girl. So far there is no trace of Varsha and Soham. In addition, Archana, never had re-married, and found a young kid, had taken her to her house and raised her as Purvi. They remain middle class.
One of Manav's daughter is in love with Arjun, the son of DK and Aashna. Arjun is more strong-headed, and wants to play a role in the business. He starts getting involved in the takeover of a company in India, and that is the company where Archana works. And this is the point where Archana and Manav meet. Arjun wants to terminate a large number of workers in the Indian company, and when there are some protests, Manav comes there and rescinds the termination notice, more so, when he comes face to face with Archana.
On the other hand, Manjusha and Vinod are facing more problems. Their daughter Punni, having seen the morals of her mother Manjusha is getting out of hand, like when she had an affair with her rich boss, and when her family gets to know, they are scandalised and lock her up in a room. Punni blames Purvi for this, since it was Purvi who revealed the truth.

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