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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Purvi and Arjun getting closer, what about Ovi ?

Like many other serials, when a number of different characters are there in the serial, things start to get more complicated. Currently in Pavitra Rishta, things are getting very complicated. There is the terms of the divorce suit where Archana and Manav have to stay together; they are both still in love with each other but Archana, in a measure of deceit caused by her promise to Sachin, is making Manav believe that she is only interested in getting money from Manav. She does not also tell Manav about the circumstances that led to her not going with Manav to Canada (the role played by Savita).
And then there is Arjun (the son of DK and Aashna (with Ashna shown as dead)); he comes to India for running a company, runs into Archana and Purvi (the adopted daughter of Archana, and who has all the ideals that Archana stood for). Over a period of time, his exposure to Purvi causes him to become more humane, more realistic and more appreciative of people, and finally he tells Purvi about the love he has for her. This is a complication, because he has already promised Ovi (one of the daughters of Manav and Archana) that he will marry her, even though he never loved her. Finally, Purvi reciprocates to Arjun, but Arjun has not told her about Ovi.
Now, Ovi is coming to India (her sister Teju is already in India and staying with Sulochna in a twist that was a bit difficult to believe), and Manav wants to announce the engagement of Ovi and Arjun. Archana is very happy about this engagement, but it will be a twist because of the ongoing relationship between Arjun and Purvi.

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