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Friday, May 4, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Ache Lagte Hain - Becoming slightly unbelievable now, need to change quickly

One wonders how serial makers can suddenly make such plots which seem very ridiculous to the viewers of the serial. In the current case, there is a plot line associated around using the differences between Natasha and Karthik to create differences between Ram and Priya. This is shown as being the planning of Niharika, but the number of holes in this planning is such that the entire plot-line seems unbelievable.
The plan is that it is shown that Natasha comes home with a lot of injury marks, and this causes Ram to go ballistic. Since Nuts has claimed that this was the doing of Karthik, he reacts very violently to this, and puts the police after Karthik, and Niharika gets a case filed against the entire family which causes them all to go to jail. However, this is not the end of it. After they come out of jail, Niharika learns that Karthik and Nuts have made up, and she causes Nuts to vanish from the scene, something for which Ram blames Karthik and vows to put him behind jail for a long time (this sudden blame and the reaction of Ram seems a bit out of character - if he does his business in such a judgmental basis, then he will get into a lot of problems).
The biggest problem is the behavior of Nuts. She goes along with what her  mother is saying, and she does know the impact this will have on her inlaws; and more importantly, when she learns that Karthik has been jailed for kidnapping her, why she does not use her phone for calling Karthik or Ram is incredible. And Karthik does not try to call her either in this time (and she is seen as having her phone). The police also do not seem to be monitoring her phone, which they should have been doing if they were trying to find her. These are very strange and unnatural things.

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