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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Saathiya Saath Nibhana - Competition between Anita and Gopi

This serial seems to have descended into foolishness. It also seems to prove that one should not do good, else you will have to face the consequences. So, due to a trick by Rashi, Anita and Ahem are shown in compromising conditions in the marriage ceremony (which was itself very foolish), and as a result, Anita's marriage is put off. To avoid the mental trauma, Ahem and family bring Anita home and try and make her believe for some time that everything is fine, but then Anita gets to know the truth.
Things get more complicated since now Anita believes that Gopi is not fit for Ahem, and she is the true person who would be right for Ahem. In addition, there is a complication when Ahem objects to the marriage proposal for Anita from Arvind; there is a small confrontation between Anita and Kokila, when Kokila objects to Anita saying that Gopi is not right for Ahem. Kokila proposes a small competition where both Anita and Gopi have to win blessings from others in the house without letting them know about the competition; and Gopi objects to using any wrong means for winning the competition, while Anita has no such objections.
What is crazy is about Kokila letting this happen, she is such a dictator that she should be able to set everything right; why is she not stopping Anita from doing all this ?

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