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Monday, May 7, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Jagya wants his share of the property

The serial is moving in a direction that seems very contrary to recent events in the channel. When Badi Masi was ill, the creators of the channel showed Jagya in a form where he seemed more in tune with his family, where there was a conception that some viewers of the channel would have thought that he could have closer to his family. But, things turned different soon after that when Gauri turned up, broke his relationship with his Badi Masi by revealing the truth, and in turn Jagya slapped her for what she had done.
However, soon after, Gauri got into another of her screaming moods when she was talking to Anandi over the phone, and in this mood, crashed her car and lost her baby. When Jagya reached the hospital, he found that Gauri was in a bad way emotionally and her mother actually spoke a lot against what Jagya had done, and what Anandi had done. Eventually Jagya was convinced that it was all Anandi's fault, and he phoned Anandi and told her a lot about what she done.
In the household, there was a realization that the chord with Jagya needed to be broken and that it was the right thing to get Anandi married again, since she was so young. But for that, it was needed to get a divorce from Jagya. However, even though Gauri was very happy, she was planning for setting up a hospital where she and Jagya could practice, and pushed him to get money from his family. And Jagya actually agreed to this, stating to his family that he would not divorce her unless he was given his share of the property. They agreed to this eventually, but it will turn out that Anandi will not agree to this, and will threaten Jagya that she will make a case against him for his second marriage.

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