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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha - Bus drive with Mohan, Megha and Papaji

The serial is an interesting one, not getting into an issue relating to social issues such as saas-bahu conflicts, villainous relatives, and so on. Even the relatives who are villains are actually more mean in nature rather than being actually villains. It is now that the serial is interesting elements of a crime and a true villain, in the nature of a politician.
The story is also more refreshing than the normal story, since it talks of a widow with 2 young children, the case which would be the most evil treated in hindi movies, or serials. However, it is not so in the serial. Megha and her children are treated well, even though her sister-in-law is envious of her, and once in a while does make a remark about the widow thing. Her husband Amar had committed suicide, and that is the everlasting horror in the house, since he was supposed to have committed suicide after being accused of corruption.
And then there is Mohun, the neighbor who is in love with Megha (to the horror of his mother who cannot stand this). Anyhow, Megha's family does not think much of Mohan, although megha is starting to see some of the good points in him. Now, Mohan is doing some investigating around the suicide and whether Amar was actually innocent, which means that Megha's family is starting to trust him only in this respect, to the extent that Megha goes along with Mohan (and Papaji) to the earlier house in Bhopal where they used to live. Will he find something there ?

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