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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Parichay - The truth about Gaurav is known, confrontation in the family

Parichay is very sensitive about the TRP ratings that it has, and it has a very critical time slot. As a result, any dragging in the serial can cause people to start switching, and this actually works to the benefit of viewers since the serial makers are forced to keep movement in the serial and not drag stuff. So, for example, earlier the serial had dragged a lot during the whole court case with Richa, and the current episode seems to have been resolved much faster.
There were 2 current tracks that were happening. One was the issue about Raveena - Vikram - Rohit, and the other was over Siddhi getting to know the truth about Siddhi's affair and others in the family not knowing the truth and casting doubt over Siddhi's version; also tension between Seema and Siddhi over this whole matter.
So, this time Raveena was much smarter. She had already realized that whatever she had with Rohit was over, that Rohit had tried to use her, and that Vikram was the one who was totally for her. 
But when vikram had seen her with Rohit in the farmhouse, he had developed a misunderstanding, and hence she totally wanted to reverse things. So, the next time when she was meeting with Rohit to get him to back down, she had also taken the liberty of tape-recording everything, and this enabled Vikram to learn the truth about her feelings and this brought them closer together.
On the other hand, Kunal finally learnt that Siddhi was right, and that Gaurav was indeed having an affair, and this was finally revealed in the house. There was a confrontation in the house, where Gaurav blamed everybody for not paying him the same attention as they paid to the others (including his own wife - the same logic given in the serial Kya Hua Tera Vayda) and stomped out of the house. One wonders as to what will happen next, since Gaurav even works for his father-in-law and one would think that the job would no longer be available.

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