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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo - Kshushi and Mamiji trying to find evidence of Arnaav being imprisoned

The serial has gone into a sort of slow mode. The main lead of the serial is on vacation, and hence the need to fill in stuff in such a way that they can make his disappearance look logical, and one interesting way is to show him as being kidnapped. So that is the serial story right now - Arnaav was supposed to head out to England and Scotland, but things start getting more suspicious, with no news for some time until Arnaav phones and says that he is in a region with low connectivity (which should be suspicious, since connectivity all over the world, especially in western countries is far more).
Over a period of time, Kshushi finally managed to convince Mamiji that Arnaav has indeed been kidnapped; Kshushi tries to find information from the airport but is not able to do so since the airport officials do not show her any CCTV tapes without her having some authority to do so.
However, there is a comical sequence where Mamiji (dressed in black like a detective) along with Khushi go to a house to see the tapes of the airport where they are able to see Arnaav going away from the airport with some people, but the faces of the people cannot be seen. However, this is all they are able to see, and then there is an issue with the guard but they still manage to escape from there. Once back, Khushi is getting suspicious that Shyam may have had something to do with the kidnapping.

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linda dale said...

I just love the star plus and specially this serial.Star plus is most older channel in tv industry who provides always best entertainment to the viewers.

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