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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Punar Vivah - Marriage between Yash and Aarti, is it over ?

It is always so horrible when shows start on an interesting nature and then before people can get used to the interesting subject being continued in the serial, the makers of the serial put the traditional stuff that is used to increase the time period of serials and keep them ongoing (but nowadays, it is also true that serials that start to get boring suffer a decrease in TRP's which forces the makers of the serials to not resort to traditional stuff and to keep the serial interesting).
Punar Vivaah had a fascinating beginning; after all you have a serial where, in a more modern society, two parents get married, for the sake of their children, not because they want to get married again. So, Yash Sindhia is an interior designer whose wife died, and who is left with 2 young girls to take care of. On the other hand, Aarthi lives with her inlaws, who are also the only relatives she has. Her husband had divorced her to be with another woman, and her inlaws took her side and she lives with them. After some comments at a party, they decide that it is better for her to get re-married and after some events, they finally get her married to Yash (and after some misunderstandings between them).
Yash's mother and father are not really too much in favor of Aarthi, and she gets a lot of pushback from her mother-in-law Gayathri, but things come to a head when her son is kidnapped. While Yash goes to get the son back (and getting injured in the process), things take a different turn in the house where Aarthi speaks out against her inlaws and is turned out of the house. Further, she is made to believe that Yash is in favor of separation while Yash believes that Aarthi was the one who is moving for a separation. 

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