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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Kya Hua Tera Vaada - Becoming somewhat farcial

The serial moves between the serious and the stupid / comical. You have a serial that is pushed on a very serious issue, whereby a man is seduced and walks off from a decade old relationship with his wife, and at the end, does not feel the least bit wrong about it, and even blames everybody in his life for the same. The wife seemingly accepts it, but her plan (and that of her mother-in-law) is to show the husband how he is wrong, and will eventually lead to his coming back to his wife.
So there is a court case for divorce, where his wife pushes the children onto him, and then his mother makes up with him so that she can create differences between the new couple and the old one. When the wife goes to her sister-in-law for a job, she makes an excuse and then refuses to offer the job, since she knows which side she should take, and starts sucking up to the new relation.
And then the comedy happens. The mother-in-law decides that one way to do this is to get the new girlfriend to take part in a local cake baking contest, and there starts a contest where the good wife is bested due to trickery (in the meantime, the smart children get caught and are sentenced to a boarding school by a very angry father). The scheming sister-in-law decides that she should do more to get closer to the rich new girlfriend and tells about how the mother-in-law is committing fraud.

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