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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Chaand in grave danger after being mauled by werewolves

For a year, Abhay and the Raichands were away from the area after the events involving Siddharth. Abhay was in deep freeze, but finally Piya managed to get him away from there and back into the land of the living. Further, the memory loss that Abhay gave to Piya has been causing Piya a lot of problems. She has forgotten the past 1 year of her life, but slowly Abhay is coming back into her life, causing problems for everybody else involved.
The major issue driving Abhay is that there are 2 issues in the whole story. One is that he needs to protect Piya no matter what, while at the same time ensuring that she does not get involved with him again. Further, there is the conflict with the werewolves, whereby the wolves had got to know that Abhay was back and were out to get all the Raichands.
In addition, there is the competition between Dipanita (who is the new powerful rich person within Dehra Dun) and the Raichands, who are one of the powerful families in DehraDun. And it turns out that Dipannita is not who she claims to be, since the real Dipanita died some time back. For this, Haseena has been using Danish as her investigator, which ends when Danish is found out on CCTV inside Dipannita's office and is warned off by the police. Further, Danish is attacked pretty severely.
But before all this, Chand is caught outside by the werewolves and is badly injured, going into a coma like stance for which the apparent solution is only if he is administered the blood of a werewolf, and this needs to be done within 7 days or he will die. Abhay decides to hunt the werewolf and so goes back to the college, to the surprise of all.

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