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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ballika Vadhu - Anandi's parents come in to demand justice for their daughter

For some weeks now, there is an ongoing drama happening taking the presence of Jagya along with Gauri in the house, and the impact this has brought to the house and its inhabitants. There is a huge amount of unease, since nobody in the house has the ability to accept the presence of Jagya's new wife, given that his child bride of so many years, Anandi is in the house. Jagya has to be there since he is bankrupt, and is hoping to sway enough emotions that he starts getting accepted and get money; while Gauri brought him here since she is hoping to get accepted (more so since she was actually married to Jagya, but this marriage was not accepted and nullified by the Panchayat).
Dadisa tried to bring Jagya to a boil by encouraging him to stay in the house, she hopes that constant exposure to Anandi will make him realize what all Anandi has done for him, and also make him realize that he is wrong and go back to Anandi. However, the exposure of the fact that Jagya had given the family locket (which Dadisa had given to Dada long time back) as a bribe in order to get the registrar to accept his marriage to Gauri shocked Dadisa and everybody in the house. Dadisa gives Jagya some money and tells him that his leaving the house is better.
At the same time, Anandi's parents come to the house and confront the elders of the house for letting such things happen, for not taking care of the interests of Anandi. They also confront Jagya, since Anandi had done such a lot for Anandi, and this is how he repaid her. This was also done by Phooli earlier.
Gauri is shocked by everything that is happening, and starts to think that Anandi is causing all this to happen, in the hope that this will force Jagya to come back to Anandi, but also gets scolded by Anandi.

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