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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Balika Vadhu - Dadi Sa makes a plan to get Jagya see the error of his ways

So far the serial keeps on showing that the relationship between Jagya and Gauri has not been able to be dented by the threats and shouts of his family members. One possible option was that of going to court to declare the second marriage (to Gauri) illegal since the first marriage to Anandi was legal (it was a child marriage but was consumnated when Anandi was of legal age and Jagya never denied the marriage for many years when he was an adult (it was only when he fell in love with Gauri that he realized that he was forced into a child marriage and then started claiming that the marriage was illegal). The lawyer further claims that Jagya had made a legal error by not disclosing his marriage before the registrar and a case could be launched against him for that, something that only Anandi could do. Anandi obviously refuses to file such a case.
In the meantime, Dadi sa decides that the best way to try and force Jagya to change his stand was to force them to live in the house and get Gauri exposed to some of the harsh conditions in the house. So, Dadisa accepts Gauri, although the other house members look daggers at Gauri and do not accept her. Jagya's mother is the most vehement in her non-acceptance of Gauri. Gauri in turn is getting very frustrated over what is happening, and whenever any criticism happens, Jagya does not really support Gauri. In fact, once he tells her that when Anandi came to the house, she had to face a lot more problems and she was able to handle the situation with all the problems and frustrations.
The biggest problem for Jagya is that he is totally without any money and needs money to continue the studies and continue his marriage. Bhairon is totally unwilling to provide him this money while Dadisa keeps on pushing Jagya to talk to Bhairon for this.

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