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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Veer gets to know the truth about the baby, and is very upset

A few episodes back, the confrontation between Ichcha and Tapasya had taken such a turn and the increased presence of Mr. Rathore had caused a lot of turmoil. In this turmoil, Ichcha go to know the truth that the father of Tapasya's child was Mr. Rathore, and not Veer as he claimed (although, it always surprises me that Veer was always so unfriendly towards Tapasya, how did he get into an intimate situation with Tapasya).
Anyhow, Ichcha claims before the family that the secret is that the child is Mr. Rathore's, and this causes a commotion in the family. Nani truly does not know Tapasya's secret and thinks this is another ruse by Ichcha to cause problems for Tapasya. At the same time, Gunwanti also wants the child and cannot understand this new situation. At that time, Veer decides to undergo a fertility check to prove Ichcha's point, which however (because of the medicines that Ichcha was feeding Veer) shows that Veer was capable of having a child. Ichcha leaves the house when Veer confronts her and tells her that he thinks that she is jealous of Tapasya and is making things up.
She writes a letter that since it seems Veer no longer believes her, it would be best if she left the house, and it would be for good since that would mean that Tapasya's child would get a father. Veer is upset but still does not believe the truth.
And then Mr. Rathore turns up, wanting the baby and claiming it. By this time, Veer has enough doubts that he agrees for the DNA test, but Nani decides against it and says that she will take away Tapasya and the baby rather than be subject to such humiliation. Rathore goes away at that point, but makes it clear that he will take all necessary steps to get hold of his child.
And then, at the hospital, Veer gets to know the truth, since a simple comment by the doctor based on the blood group reveals that Veer cannot be the father. He is now hunting for Ichcha, who has decided to leave.

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