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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Geet - The property is taken away from Mann, the culprit being Dev's mother

After the entire drama with Geet's biji where finally Mann, Dev and Geet convince Biji that Mann is on the right side, and that the person coming to marry Nandini, Daman, was not a right character; things are back to normal. However, the next threat turns tricky since the promos started showing that Mann seems to have lost his whole property and his business. When Mann gets back to the city, he finds the police blocking the entry to his house and business, and he gets very angry. Before this itself, he found that the ATM cards were blocked, phones had run out of airtime, and Adi was not picking up the calls. He reaches home, and finds the police there as well, claiming that there were court orders because of which Mann could not enter his property, and it is only Geet who calms him down. And then Adi reaches and tells that Dadima is in great danger, and is in the hospital in a bad condition.
It is at the hospital that Mann finds out who is behind all this; it is the mother of Dev, Pammi. She tells Mann that she did all this because the family had always treated her like dirt, and had also treated Dev badly, and this was her revenge.
However, when Dev finds out this (and he does not find out for some time, with Adi finally telling him all the details), he gets very angry and confronts Pammi, where she appears apologetic, telling Dev that she will give everything back to Mann; she just wanted the happiness of Dev. However, this was all an act, she had no desire to give anything back, and in fact, she was very dangerous. In the meantime, Geet, followed by Mann, have left the city.
Soon, Dev, Lucky, Adi, and Nandini find out that Dadima was not really in a coma, was instead being kept sedated by a doctor being paid off by Pammi, and get the police to come in and sort out matters. Now, they all know what Pammi is upto, but by that time, Mann is in the custody of Pammi.

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