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Friday, July 8, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Uttaran - Huge misunderstanding between Veer and Ichcha, she is all set to leave the house

The serial is finally coming to another decision point, and a twist in the story. The differences between Ichcha and Tapasya were increasing, especially when Tapasya made the statement to Ichcha that they should share the love of Veer, and Ichcha got so angry that she slapped Tapasya. Veer saw this and wanted to know what was the reason, but Ichcha did not tell him the reason. All the time, the pregnancy of Tapasya was increasing, and she was getting inundated with messages that she is in for a bad life, with no father to show for her child; After all, it was Ichcha who was the wife of Veer. Her Nani was on this case all the time.
On the other side, at her home, her mother was being slowly made more jealous of Ichcha's mother, how Damini was after all a servant and how she was slowly usurping the powers that Tapasya's mother should have; with the ultimate aim of getting her so angry that she decides to kick Damini out, which is what eventually happens. Damini realizes that her mistress is so angry and so much venom has been imparted in her that she decides to leave the house.
The major twist is in what happens at Veer house. After the incident with Rathore, Ichcha gets to know the truth about who is the actual father of Tapasya's children, and she finally reveals the truth. Tapasya and her Nani totally deny this, claiming that Ichcha wants to put aspersions on her character; when Ichcha reveals that Veer was sterile, incapable of bearing a child, Veer cannot believe it and gets a test done. The test reveals that all the pills that Ichcha was feeding him worked, and that Veer was fully capable. At this, Veer tells Ichcha that she has totally changed, has become very jealous, and is no longer his old Ichcha. Ichcha sees the hate in his eyes and decides to leave the house.
In the meantime, Tapasya is taken to the hospital and has a girl child, while Ichcha will also be pregnant with Veer's child.

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