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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ram Milaayi Jodi - Finally Mona gets the approval of Ambaji, and Anukalp faces fresh problems in the office

The serial shows the marriage between 2 different cultures, with a Gujarati boy and a Punjabi girl. Right from the start they show the girl facing all types of issues, some due to her own mistakes, and some due to some misunderstandings. Overall, Mona faces problems in her relations with her mother-in-law Ambaji; for some time Amabaji believes that Mona is creating differences between Ambaji and her son; things go so bad that for some time, they would show Mona crying over something or the other for the entire episode, and people in the family scolding her. Further, since Ambaji was doing the scolding, the others in the family also joined in.
However, Mona kept on doing her efforts to do things better for the family, and as a part of that, she even started trying to run a business when Anukalp faced problems in the job, and even though Ambaji did not like Mona doing the job, Mona continued on, but without telling Ambaji. So, when Ambaji got to knew, she was very embarrassed that her daughter-in-law was trying to do everything right, she was scolding her.
In the meantime, Ambaji's daughter Hetal got married into Mona's family, and soon things started getting worse. Hetal's behavior was very much unlike Mona's; she tried to create differences in the household, even not treating her husband properly. She even lied that her inlaws were asking for dowry, and when she wanted a car, treated as if giving a car was important for her family. Hetal's husband did not appreciate the car. In turn, Hetal complained to Ambaji that it was Mona who was causing her problems, and that is when she got the shock of her life. Ambaji, her own mother, slapped her hard and told her that all this was Hetal's fault, Mona was somebody who was always trying to do good for her family.
On the other hand, life was getting tough for Anukalp in the office since Goldie made his way back into the serial, in the form of becoming Anukalp's boss, insulting him and making his life stressful and difficult.

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