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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Ram Milaayi Jodi - Sweety suffers a miscarriage

In the past, the efforts of Hetal had got her a slap from Ambaji, when she tried to blame Mona for all the problems that Hetal was suffering in her inlaws house. She had also tried to cause problems in the house, and for this, Sweety had already warned her once. Sweety was in the house to have her baby in the house of her parents, something that Hetal did not like. Ambaji strongly warns Hetal not to blame Mona for her problems, and telling Mona that Mona was somebody who was an asset to the whole house; in fact, Hetal should be like how Mona was and that would help her in maintaining her relationships.
However, the relation between Sweety and Hetal was not right, and in a huge incident, when an argument was going on between Sweety and Hetal on the staircase, Sweety had an accident where she fell down the stairs and was rushed to the hospital. In the hospital, the doctors told the family members that they were able to save the lives of Sweety but were not able to save the baby. This was horrific news not just for the death of the baby, but also because Sweety had come to the house so that the baby could be delivered - which was a huge responsibility for her parents and would be feeling very bad about all that happened.
With the accident, Hetal feels very bad that the situation that happened was because of the fight between her and Sweety. When Sweety is in the hospital, Hetal is also brought in by Ambaji. However, Shweety no longer wants to see her since she believes that Hetal is responsible for the loss of her baby.

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