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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hain - Rashmi's marriage and controversies surrounding it

From what I have seen, Yeh Rishta .. is one of the slowest moving serials in the entire Hindi serials industry. A wedding or some function like that can literally take months to happen in the serial. The current serial is moving through the planning for Rashmi's marriage, and it is the last marriage in the family for some time, so there is a lot of effort needed for the marriage. Rashmi is getting married to Nikhil, and the difference in customs and concepts between the 2 families is very huge, which is causing all sorts of problems. Nikhil calls on Rasmi a lot, and takes her out on regular intervals, and this causes problems to Rashmi's family. They disapprove of this much contact between Rashmi and Nikhil before the wedding, with Daddaji getting angry often.
When Rashmi wears the engagement ring without the engagement having taken place, there is a huge amount of drama in the family, and Rashmi also gets a lot of scolding. But slowly, they are adjusting. They even go to the extent that since Nikhil's family is having a marriage advisor to run things, Rashmi's family also hires a wedding planner (but with some huge budgets). Akshara is somewhat uncomfortable with all this, and eventually makes it clear that the wedding planner is only spending money, sort of extorting money from them, and she takes over the business of the various events for the wedding. By now, everybody in the family trusts Akshara a lot.
At one such function, Naitik has an accident where falls of the stage and undergoes a fracture. The fracture leaves him somewhat irritated which is increased since Akshara is doing all the planning for the marriage and not even giving him some responsibility.

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