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Monday, July 25, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Delivery of a baby boy of Kesar, Pratigya helps

The serial is undergoing some more tension. Amma is suffering on 2 counts. First Pratigya, in order to show Krishna the reality of everything that he believes, calls Amma in the guise of signing the divorce papers and causes Amma to reveal about all the steps she had taken to portray Pratigya in a bad light. So now Krishna knows that Pratigya was not at fault, and it was all the doings of Amma. Krishna is very apologetic after all this, but Pratigya does not forgive him easily, and makes him suffer before she believes that his feelings are genuine.
The more drama is happening at the Thakur household, since SS has got back a young girl called Ganga, given by her poor father in lieu of the rent that he was to pay to SS. SS is pretty happy, since he seems to have got bored with Amma, but Amma is shocked at whatever happens. She is shocked since SS has got the new girl while also seeming to reject Amma. The other family members are also shocked at all this, even Pratigya wants to ensure that Amma gets her proper place back in the household (she has even been kicked out of her room by SS); she puts Amma's stuff back into SS's room even though everybody knows that SS will be very angry.
The other major drama (happy news) is that Kesar is in the final stages of pregnancy, and Pratigya is in the house when she starts going into labor, and Amma and the others are not there. Pratigya calls up her house and gets information from the female members of her family about how to do the delivery, and after a lot of effort, the baby is born, a son. This is the first young generation in the Thakur household, and everybody is very happy. SS tries to praise Ganga, saying that her presence in the family has started bringing happy news; Shakti is very happy at this news.

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