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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Savita is back, and she throws Archana out of the house

For a long time now, the serial decided to show Savita staying in Canada while the stuff is happening here in Mumbai. So Savita does not know that Archana and Manav are staying together due to court orders and no one tried to tell her. The serial is now extremely complicated.
On the one hand, everybody is trying to find out who the girl is who could be in Arjun's life while Arjun is trying to find out who called Ovi to tell he about Purvi. Further, Sachin is playing his own guilt card, guilting Archana into doing something wrong to both herself and Manav, as well as to her daughters. It always seems like this in hindi serials, where somebody does wrong, and yet they do not show any kind of punishment for that (or show punishment after many many years - in the serial, Savita is the one responsible for the distances between Manav and Archana and for poisoning the attitudes of all the children against Archana).
Now, Savita, as soon as she saw that Archana was there, decided to kick Archana out of the house. Further, she refused to listen to anybody, least of all to Archana. It was only after Sachin and Manav managed to convince her that it was necessary for the divorce that she agreed that it is fine to get Archana back in the house, but not before she went to Archana's house and tried to force Archana to come back. On the other hand, when Manav went to get Archana back, Manav had to hear a lot, but finally Archana agreed to come back; and Purvi keeps on hoping that everything will be fine.

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