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Friday, August 23, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Hasina calls both Najma and Nikhat to have a clash

For some time now, the makers of the serial have been stating that what has happened in the serial till now is only a starting point, the real story will be the clash of brothers, and since Asad and Ayyan are the only brothers in the serial, that seems like the only clash that will be there in the serial. Now, it seems like the start of that has happened, with the clash happening due to a marriage proposal for their sister with the same guy,
The main proponent of this clash, or rather, the reason was Imran. Imran was supposed to marry Nikhat, and she was in love with him. However, over a period of time, there was one reason or the other for the proposal to get stuck or delayed; once there was a clash between Imran and Ayyan, at another time Hasina wanted something more. This time, Hasina wanted her family members to be given a gold coin, and Rashid refused this another demand. One thing led to another, and finally Nikhat stepped in and said that she supported her father, and that this demand was unreasonable, even when Hasina warned her not to say anything more. Finally this led to the relationship getting cut, and although Nikhat asked Imran to say something, he refused to speak up.
And of course, he refused to say something since he was no longer interested in a marriage with Nikhat. To the surprise of none of the viewers, the girl he was interested in was actually Najma. So, when the relationship with Nikhat broke up, he re-started the line with Najma and approached Asad and his mother. They were very surprised when Najma told them about this, and Asad also realized the complication since Nikhat was also his sister, being his step-sister though and being the real sister of Ayyan. Asad did speak to Nikhat over the phone, although their conversation was not as detailed as he would have liked. She did say that she has got over Imran, although he was not able to tell her that they were interested in Najma getting married to Imran.
And then Hasina calls both of them over to their house, where they are confused to see each other; although things become clear, and then Imran also makes it clear that he was interested in Najma not Nikhat. Ayyan gets very angry at this, and tries to hit Imran, but Asad steps in and prevents him from doing this. This was the first major clash between the brothers, although there was a clash between them when Rashid was arrested for the older crime of the fire at the factory 17 years back.
However, things are now more complicated. Imran is pushing for an early resolution of the date of the marriage, and Asad wants to move carefully because of the impact this may have on Nikhat and the tension between the family members.

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