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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Meri Bhabhi - Planning for the anniversary party of Kittu and Anand

The serial is starting out with the best of feelings between the sister-in-laws of the family. On the one side is Shraddha, who has been ditched by her husband Bobby, and on the other side is Kittu, married to Shraddha's brother Anand. Ever since Kittu found about the condition of Shraddha, she is providing a great deal of support to Shraddha, ensuring that she did not get into a depression. However, like any other serial, there is an awful lot of temptation to try to make the serial more attractive to viewers who want masala in their life, and hence there are a couple more negative characters in the serial. One of them is the mother of Kittu, Kamini who believes that the presence of Shraddha will have a bad impact on her daughter and her marriage and even otherwise does not seem to have any sympathy for Shraddha. Also, the other daughter-in-law of the family, Jaya, also does not like the presence of Shraddha in the house, while for everybody else in the house, having Shraddha there is the logical outcome of her current position.
Shraddha suffered an even bigger shock because of the re-arrival of Bobby. The family wanted to talk to Bobby, Shraddha's husband who had left her, to figure out what is going on in their relationship and why they are separated. So everybody is very happy when Bobby comes to the house, and is very apologetic over what happened. They feel that now Shraddha will be happy, and so will be their son who is badly missing his father, and then Bobby reveals his problems. He tells them that he wants to have Shraddha with him and is trying to arrange for a place to stay, and trying to arrange for money for the same.
Believing him, everybody feels sympathy for him; Kittu wants to make things better for Shraddha, and without telling her husband, she forces Bobby to accept lakhs of rupees. Shraddha's parents also ask Bobby to take some money from them; all this without telling Anand. Anand does not believe what Bobby is saying, and wants to make clear that they can only trust him so much. And Bobby proves Anand right, by running away with the money that he got from them. But Anand and Shraddha pursue him to Bombay, and find him with another lady, telling her that if he now wants to get more money, he will come and get more money from Shraddha. Anand gets angry at Bobby, and when Bobby makes some bad comments about Shraddha, he beats him up with Bobby trying to escape from him.
Now Shraddha is sure that there is no going back, especially after hearing what Bobby was saying about her. She decides that there is no other option than to divorce Bobby, and tells the family about this decision.
On the other side, Kittu is reminder by her mom about the upcoming anniversary celebration, and talks to Anand about this. He is angry and claims that with all this happening to Shraddha, how could she even think about the anniversary. However, he later realizes that he should not have acted like this, and decides to get her a present. Kamini decides to hold the anniversary party, and then discourages Shraddha from attending, but this will surely lead to a lot of drama.

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