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Friday, August 16, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - Nobody can lift Shiv's bow at the Swayamvar

King Janak has announced the plan for the marriage of his daughter. He is holding a Swayamvar where any king who can pick up the heavy bow belonging to Mahadev and string it will be given his daughter in marriage. As expected, accepting such an invitation is a mark of pride for all kings, since all of them would want to display their pride and strength in front of other kings, and hence a number of kings from kingdoms all over India turn up. This also includes asura warriors. However, there are 2 exceptions shown in the serial - Ravana is not sent an invitation, and since Ram is not a king, but a prince, he is also not part of those participating. He infact is there as an observer, along with Lakshman, coming there with his guru, the sage Vishwamitra, to see the swayamvar.
Sita and Ram meet a couple of times in different circumstances, and the serial shows that they have an impact on each other, but each time Ram withdraws - he feels that he is a guest here, and it is not good manners for him to get acquainted in this manner with the princess, and also realizes that he is not going to be taking part in the Swayamvar.
And so the Swayamvar starts. Sita is unhappy to know that Ram is not there in the list of those who are taking part in the event. But over a period of time, all the proud kings who are sitting there on the thrones make their way to the huge bow, but are unable to make the slightest lift of it, what to talk of stringing it. When one of the mighty asura kings is not able to do so, some of the kings seated there decide to leave rather than suffer the embarrassment of showing themselves to be a failure in this event.
And then Ravana turns up. He criticizes the king for not inviting him to the event, especially because he was the greatest devotee of Mahadev and had even lifted the great Kailash mountain once, and also speaks a lot more in his pride about what he can do and so on. Everybody is looking on, since Ravana is shown to be somebody with a lot of pride and power both, and eventually when he tries to lift the bow, he is able to get it a few inches off the ground, but then fails.
At this, the king Janak criticizes everybody present, claiming that there is nobody present who has the pride to accomplish this task. This is like a red rag to Lakshman, who promptly gets up and says that this is an insult to his brother Ram, who is very much capable of doing tasks such as this, but he is not taking part in the event. Ravana even taunts Vishwamitra about how he is not taking care of the pride of his student Ram, since when he fails, it will be horrible for his pride. However, the sage claims that he is never wrong, and that Ram is very much capable of such a task. In the next episodes, the serial will show Ram indeed picking up the bow.

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