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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Do Dil Ek Jaan - Antara taking care of Aaji, while Rasika plans

The serial started out with Antara and her family being forced to flee Kashmir because her father was killed, since he was standing upto the terrorists and helping the security forces. They decide to leave the place and their memories and come to Mumbai to make a new life. They are not very rich, and the relative they come to live with is not rich either. They come to the chawl in Mumbai and come into contact with Raghu, who is the local tough guy of the neighborhood, and the interaction between them is also somewhat furious. Antara does not like the attitude of this tough guy, and even complains to the police when she sees him taking part in some violence. However, against her own wishes, she is forced to take back her complaint since her uncle does not want this matter to go to the police, especially where it involves Raghu. The police inspector beat up Raghu a lot, but he does not admit to anything, making the police officer feel amazement that Raghu is able to take such punishment and not protest over all this.
They have more interactions over the next period of time, but Antara's attitude towards Raghu does not really change, since she still sees him as rude, very harsh and so on. She is also suffering in another way, since her brother has not really been told his that father is dead and her mother has not accepted the death of her husband. They have more problems where Raghu locks them up, and then stops the water supply to their house, wanting Antara to apologize for whatever she has said to him and for slapping him, and Antara does finally apologize for the same.
In between Ishaan, Antara's brother is told the truth about the death of his father and decides to go to Srinagar to leave for his father. Rahu and Antara finally find him, but then are stuck for some time since Shetty's goons are now looking for Raghu and want to kill him. He is with Antara and Ishaan for now, and hides along with them until the threat from Shetty's men is solved and they are able to get back to the safety of their house.
Antara is looking for a job, and applies for one with some amount of confidence, but gets late to reach there and does not get the job. She needs a job, and then Raghu's Aaji offers her a job to take care of Aaji; Aaji likes Antara and wants to take multiple opportunities to bring Raghu and Antara together. In the house, Rasik and Aaji do not really get along, and Rasika wants to use the opportunity to get Raghu to kick Antara out of her job; so when Antara wants to get the slippers of Aaji repaired, Rasika breaks the repaired slippers and also puts broken glass in the room so that Aaji will get injured and this will cause Raghu to get very angry. Things work to this plan to a large degree,  with Aaji getting injured, but she does not scream or otherwise make a scene, so Rasika goes to Raghu directly and tells him that his Aaji is badly injured with the implication that this is done by Antara.

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