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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Bade Acche Lagte Hain - Priya going to face problems because of Pihu

Somehow, the concept of a Hindi serial is that if something has to go wrong, it will go wrong to the family in the serial. Watching Bade Acche Lagte Hain for the time being reminds me of another serial on Sony, Parvarish. It takes a look at the growing up of children and the problems they and their parents go through, and is that Bade Acche Lagte Hain has now started on the line of. I hope that they end this drama about the growing up pangs of Pihu quickly, since the serial has again started becoming boring (and I think that this is a specialty of Ekta's serials after a time-leap; the serial tries to use the viewership it has gained over the past and use this while it takes up the boring story line soon after the time leap). In the current concept, the serial is primarily focusing on the life of Pihu. She is no longer the cute young girl who you saw as a 5 year old, but is now a teenager in the midst of all her angst and tensions about growing up, about trying to ensure that boys are interested in her (so that she does not feel like an outsider and so on).
Pihu meets Varun in college, and Varun is a big shot in terms of his claims to be from a rich family, he is good in sports and others, and does not care too much about Pihu, while she wants to be friends with him. However, it finally turns out that he insults her, and she is very hurt and leaves from there. And that is where Ram gets Akshay Kumar (the film star) to take her to a party in the college for the promo of Once Upon a time in Mumbai Dobara. Akshay goes there, already knows about Varun, calls him and gives him a hearing out. However, the next day Varun further insults Pihu and drives her to tears. She goes home, with a protective Priya getting the truth out from her, they to the college and meet the principal, and Varun's parents get called. And of course, you know that these have to be people who Priya already knows - Ashwin and Shruti. The principal tells them to warn Varun else his scholarship and his admission in the college will be in danger. Of course, Ashwin is very angry at this attack from Priya and then Varun overhears a discussion between his parents which shows him a plan of action to get back at Priya through Pihu.
He tells Pihu that all this is because of an earlier relationship between Priya and Ashwin, and when Pihu asks Priya about this, she talks to Ram and they do finally decide that there is no point of telling Pihu about all this, and so Priya tells something else to Pihu. However, Shruti was also angry about Priya taunting her, and when she sees Pihu calling Varun, she tells Priya that it is Pihu who is chasing Varun and not the other way. They go to a restaurant where Pihu is to come, and there Pihu overhears the discussion between Priya and Shruti over Ashwin, and Pihu thinks that her mother has lied to her. As a result, she is now easily swayed by Varun (forgetting everything that he has done to her) and goes with him; Varun is happy that he has discovered a path to get revenge on Priya; and of course, as you would expect, Ram does not know anything about all this. However, Neha sees Pihu with Varun.

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