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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The birth of a mighty evil warrior, Andhak

The serial continues to remain popular, and remains a fast paced serial (unlike many previous mythological serials that took a lot of time in progressing, and where you could not see the serial for a couple of days and not miss anything). Another specialty that the serial seems to have is the concept of always having 2 stories going on at the same time. So, while right now the serial had been focusing on the story of Ram for some time, with the story of Hanuman also being shown, the expectation was that the serial would continue to focus on the story of Ram and Hanuman. However, the serial sprung a surprise by showing another story in between, temporarily leaving the story of Ram aside.
The story of Jalandhar was about the story of a creation due to the release of energy from Mahadev's third eye, that could not be taken back, and which eventually converted into a baby, a baby born of the fierce energy of Mahadev's third eye. A similar story is being shown in the serial right now. So, at a time when the marriage of Lord Ram had happened and they were settled in Ayodhya, life was peaceful and there was nothing major going on to trouble Mahadev right now. So, the followers of Mahadev and Goddess Parvathi decide to have a game in Kailash, with the game between her and Mahadev, and she is reasonably confident that she will win the games.
However, near the end, something happens which changes the entire atmosphere. Parvathi covers the eyes of Mahadev in playfulness, and he immediately reacts in horror, since this will cause darkness to cover the entire land. Also, this also causes his third eye to open up in this darkness, and a drop emerges which eventually becomes a baby. This baby, since it is born in the time of darkness, is blind, but is also blessed with the powers of Mahadev since it also is an ansh of Mahadev (just like Jalandhar and Hanuman). However, as Mahadev explains to Parvathi, this baby, born with powers but born in darkness, is different from Jalandhar in the sense that they share great ambition, but this baby does not have the values that Jalandhar had. The baby, known as Andhak, will have great ambition, and will also be totally evil, without any redeeming features (in contrast, Mahadev had thought that Jalandhar could be a good king and leader to his subjects, but has nothing but horror when looking at Andhak).
As a result, and because Mahadev knows that eventually the confrontation of Andhak will be with Adishakti in the future, Mahadev turns totally silent and tells Parvathi that he is going away from there to meditate, and more worryingly for everybody who believes that there will be good with the continues positive energies that come from Mahadev, he is withdrawing all his energies into himself. Parvathi sends Lord Brahma to try and get Mahadev back, but he tells Brahma that he also knows what all is going to happen, and hence he refuses to come back.
On a different note, Hanuman was trying to get lessons from the sun god, who was trying to run away, but finally is taught by the sun god, who then requests him to always take care of Sugriva. So they show Hanuman doing that, but refuses to help Sugriva when he tells Hanuman to attack Bali.

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