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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Sandhya exposes bribery, hunting for the culprit

This is the last chance for Sandhya. She has already gone through 2 chances that Bhabho gave her, and 2 of her matkas where broken thus giving her only one chance for reaching her ambition of joining the IPS and becoming a police officer. This last chance is if she wins a contest called SBC (Sabse Bada Champion). To the surprise of everyone in the family, Emily also wanted to take part in the show since this would give a chance for her to win some money (and this would replace the money that Mohit lost in the chit fund). There was some apprehension about whether she would be able to attend, but in the end, Bhabho allowed her to attend the contest as well, and to some extent, Bhabho would rather Emily won the show, since she does not want Sandhya to win the show and go for a career in the IPS.
The show has now started, and there was some surprise about the fact that 2 members of the same family entered the show. The show took the entrants through some round of questions, and there would be people eliminated in the various rounds. In the first round, Sandhya did great and topped. On the other hand, Emily barely scraped through. However, in the next round, where the contestants had to convince a large number of people in a movie hall to go with them, Emily won the round. Now things were getting tense. It was this time that Mohit wanted to make sure that Emily won, and he found that his old friend, Manoj is a part of the show, and he manages to get Manoj to come and give him answers for the forthcoming round.
In the next round, Sandhya and Emily are in one round where they have to select an article, and there they have to show between a rope and a tissue roll. Emily has been told that the roll is the correct item, but Sandhya insists on the rope, and it turns out that the rope was indeed the answer, Manoj had mistook rope for roll.
However, soon after Sandhya smells something wrong, while in the meantime Manoj is trying to get the laptop of Abhimanyu, so that he can find the answer. He finally manages to get hold of the laptop, but in the meantime Sandhya is suspicious of Manoj and follows him, and then she manages to get hold of his phone and shows it to everyone, thus showing that he had been helping somebody. Everybody is shocked that Manoj was trying to subvert the show, and they decide to hold off the contest proceedings till they find the name of the participant who was getting help from Manoj. And they all praise Sandhya for her attempts in this regard.
On the other side, Meena is starting to have motherly feelings towards Mishri, who is actually her daughter, and tried to get close to her, but Daisa stops her from doing son. And then the precap for an upcoming episode shows that Meena and Chavvi will have a argument where Meena will reveal many things that Chavvi did, and Bhabho hears all those.

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