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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Diya Aur Bati Hum - Suraj and Sandhya leave the home, Bhabho riding on her ego

The first sign of a split in the household, but the makers of the serial are also trying to convey that this is not the intent of the serial. After all, for the past few episodes, they have shown 2 conflicting points - Suraj badly wants to ensure that Sandhya lives upto the ambition of her parents and herself and becomes an IPS officer. Sandhya also wants that, but is hesitant to go with full effort towards this goal. Due to her realization of the time that Bhabho tried to give her liqour chocolates so that she would miss the exam, she realized that Bhabho desperately wants to ensure that Sandhya remains the bahu of the house, and not give into the quest to become an IPS office. She is reluctant to break this hope of Bhabho, but at the same time, Suraj has invested a lot of his emotions in ensuring that she lives upto her dreams, and hence is caught in this conflict. Bhabasa learns all this when he questions her about her not trying her best in the final round of the show, and finally tells her that she must live upto the dreams of everybody and Suraj will handle Bhabho. Well, she does win the show and comes home to a time of a lot of tension.
As usual, when she comes home, Meena has done a lot to stir the pot. She got some of the neighbors to come to the house for the welcoming of Sandhya after winning the contest, and also tried to provoke Bhabho by referring to the third pot which will now not be broken. At this, Bhabhasa tells her to take the pot to her room and ensure that it does not break. However, Bhabho is in a highly angry mood and even refuses the sweet that has been prepared by Chaturi in celebration of the win; and this win means that there is no further effort from Bhabho's side to prepare for the contest.
Bhabho later taunts Suraj for solely trying to fulfil the wishes of his wife, but he tells her that this is unfair. When he did for others, he was a good brother, a good son, but when he tries to do for his wife, he is now suddenly become a slave to his wife. However, he tells Bhabho that since things are bad between them now, he will leave the house. Everybody in the house is shocked and try to stop him, but Bhabho is so angry right now that she says that if they want to leave, they should leave. He tells Bhabho that he believes that she will come to take him in 15 days only (and with the kind of other children that she has, it will be in less than 15 days that she would realize his true worth), but Bhabho tells him that she will not come to take him in. When Sandhya objects, he tells her that this is not because of her and she has to leave the house as well.
Things are otherwise difficult in the house. Emily and Mohit are tense because Mohit is short of money and was hoping that Emily might win something, after all, Bhabho could come to him anytime for the money; and even otherwise Meena should be totally distraught since that means most of the money needed for running the house should now come from Vikram, and Meena would be horrified at that. Bhabho already knows the kind of lies that her own daughter Chavi can say, since she had tested this out and determined this.

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