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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Qubool Hain - Razia exposed to everyone at home

The serial has been showing suspense for quite some time. The way in which Razia has been holding Babi Bi hostage and in a drugged state inside the house was getting boring and frustrating for viewers, and the new episode of how Humeira lost her memory and thought that she was a married lady called Rajni, and then the emergence of a crook called Vikram, was making the story very boring, and the serial was feeling stretched. Finally the makers of the serial used the occasion of the holy day of Eid to solve some of these problems and do disclosure. Another major suspense that was going on for some time was the puzzle of who was the father of Zoya, who was brought up as an orphan, even though her father was alive. Zoya had come to India, away from her adopted family, to hunt for her family, and this hunt was shown for many many months, with suspense from time to time, but feeling very stretched. Over a period of time, the viewers were shown that the father was Siddiqui, and both his wife Razia and Tanveer knew about this. Razia was determined to ensure that neither Zoya nor Sidduiqi got to know about this, and Tanveer was using this knowledge to get Zoya out of her way, so that she could marry Asad.
And then came the occasion of Eid, and an Eid party that Asad was giving. Since this was an Eid party, Rashid and his family, as well as Siddiqui and his family were all attending the party. In addition, there were some stories ongoing. The marriage of Nikhat was in deep trouble; she was in love with Imran, but his mother was determined to ensure that she played the role of a dominating mother-in-law. They had a lot of demands, although Rashid had met all of them. However, at the end, she wanted Rashid to give gold coins to all her relatives, and at this, Rashid received. She raised a lot of furore at this, and even made many negative reference to the looks of Nikhat, but then finally Nikhat stepped in and told that she would rather drop the marriage than keep on meeting more such demands. Finally the marriage was off, although Nikhat was deeply troubled that her fiancee, Imran did not anything to oppose his mother. So for now the relationship is over. However, Imran has his own problems, since he had an existing relation with Najma (a big complication, since Najma is the sister of Nikhat, both being the daughter's of Rashid). And of course, it turns out that there is also the involvement of Tanveer, with Imran being the father of her child; and Tanveer is now blackmailing him for the same. As a result, the character of Imran is now depicted as being pretty bad.
The biggest story was about the downfall of Razia. Razia had involved the guy impersonating Vikram (the assumed husband of Humeira / Rajni) in her plan of getting rid of BadiBi (she caught him stealing from the house while he saw her taking an unconscious BadiBi out of the house). By mistake, Badibi was in the same car that was taking Siddiqui to the party in Asad's house, and there Razia was trying her best to hide BabiBi from everyone. But Asad and Zoya saw something suspicious; and then in another story, Vikram had taken Humeira to a different place where he was trying to rape her, and Ayyan came there and beat up Vikram. At that time, there was a call from Razia to his phone about trying to take away BadiBi, and this was recorded. As a result, overall, BadiBi was found and she also revealed that Razia was the one who was doing all this to her. At this, Rashid went ballistic, and told Siddiqui that he wanted justice, and Siddiqui promised him the same once they reached home. There, finally Rashid said that he wanted Razia to see the same pain as he had felt separated from his mother, and she was sent off to a prison kind of home, where she will apparently face some rough treatment, although how this happened is not clear.
A good thing for Zoya at this party was that she finally found that her father was alive, since she used the musical toy music on the speaker system, and then found that somebody had placed the twin of that toy on the table, and nobody could do that except her father.

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