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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hindi TV Serial - Devon Ke Dev Mahadev - The entry of Hanuman into the serial

The serial is currently showing the story of Lord Ram, as part of the quest to defeat Ravana and again establish the rule of the righteous in the land. The serial showed a number of episodes dedicated to the story of Ravana, who is all powerful, and ever since he got the feeling that Mahadev was cheating him by not going to Lanka with him, had got disillusioned with Mahadev and wanted to instead use his powers for increasing his prominence in the world. So, now whenever he meets Mahadev, he uses some sort of taunt or the other, while Mahadev is normally very patient with him. He had told him in the past to be a good ruler, and after that, as it kept turning out that Ravana was not listening to him, had finally told him that his end was near, that the human who would be responsible for killing him had come, and so on. Only one time had Mahadev got real angry at Ravana, at that time, Narayana and Brahma had to calm him down before he could directly kill Ravana.
So, finally the serial shows the story of Lord Rama, how he was born, and his life to the time that he is now a young adult, being provided guidance by Rishi Vishwamitra. Before the time comes for Ram and Lakshman to go back to their palace, they are taken by the Rishi to the hometown of Sita, where a swayamwar will be happening for her marriage. The quest in the contest is to pick up a bow that belongs to Mahadev, with the concept that nobody can pick up the bow except for Sita, and an avatar of Narayan. However, Ravana believes that since he is all powerful, and was even able to pick up Mount Kailash once, it would be easy for him to pick up the bow, and he will go and get Sita back as his wife. Mandodri and his grandfather both object to this, but he dismisses their objections, saying that as the ruler of Lanka, he will decide on what needs to be done. Also, he claims that doing this is necessary for the pride of Lanka, and his son also supports him in this.
On the other side, Goddess Parvathi along with her sons have gone to see Devi Anjani, the mother of Maruti, who is also born from a part of Mahadev, calling him a shivansh. Maruti is a very mischievous boy, who once even decided that the sun looked like a nice fruit that was worthy of eating and decided to go to the sun to swallow it; and as usual, Lord Indira sensed a challenge to him from somebody so young and struck him with a vajra before he could reach there. When Maruti comes back wounded to the earth and unconscious, his father, the wind god, says that he cannot take such an injustice and will stop blowing till justice is done to his son. The absence of wind will be a destroyer for every living thing, and they as usual show Indira pleading to Mahadev for rectification and forgiveness, and Mahadev gives back life to Maruti; and the various gods present there provide him a number of boons, many of which will be very useful to him. He will be very powerful, very learned, able to cross the largest ocean, not fearing death, and other such boons.

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