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Friday, June 3, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - Maanav and Archana lose their baby, Manav hits out against entire family

This is pure disaster time for Maanav and Archana. Manav was going through a lot of financial trouble, even landing up in jail for non-payment of some dues he had, but at the same time was also trying to help others in his extended family, such as when he tries to help out his inlaws when they were evicted from their house because of non-payment of a loan, and he lands up just when the house was going to be locked. He gives a check that stops the eviction (even though he knows that the check has no money behind it).
However, his poor financial condition means that even if he needs some money for medical treatment of Archana during his pregnancy, he can run into pretty difficult conditions. And this is exactly what happens.
When he needs to get emergency medical treatment for Archana and for their unborn child, the hospital wants money for treatment and he is helpless. He goes to everybody he knows for help, but no one provides him help. He first goes to Varsha for help, but she is very angry that Sathish is in jail, blames Maanav for it, and refuses to provide him any help. In fact, she claims that this is another tactic by Manav to get money and he is just using the name of Archana.
He calls up Ajith for help, but Rasika tai picks up the phone and does not provide any kind of help. He calls up Vinod for help, but Manju picks up the phone and when she learns that Manav needs money, she claims that she cannot hear anything and puts down the phone. He even goes to Dharmesh, who ridicules him, but does not provide the help he needs.
Finally, Manav, is very dejected, and makes his way to the hospital, where Archana finally gets the treatment from the hospital even though no money has been deposited. She finally recovers somewhat the next day, but when Manav sees all the relatives, he gets very angry.

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