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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pavitra Rishta - The exit of Maanav and the re-entry ?

For some time now, there was a buzz that Prashant (the character playing Manav in the serial) was unhappy with the way that the future of Maanav would be projected, and he would shown in a slightly negative character. After all, Prashant has build up a nice fan following and would not want to go down a negative path; as a result, there was the possibility that he would go out of the serial while they would discuss the future of Manav and how do they reconcile the future of the serial with the wishes of Prashant.
Looks like the serial has decided to some degree, since they showed Manav back in the serial (showing him in the last few minutes, re-uniting with Archana). It could be possible that they show all this to be the dream of Archana and leave Manav out of the serial for some time.
The show, after all the drama when Archana was in hospital, showed Manav leaving Archana and heading away, wanting to become someone big, and leave behind all his relations. He even left behind a letter for Archana where he told that he is sorry that he could not do anything good for Archana, and wants to become a big man, and will only return if he can do something big for himself, and may not even return if things do not work out well for him.
Archana searches for him like crazy, almost turning crazy herself, getting mad in her search till her own mother has to stop her searching. The family searches almost the whole of Mumbai looking for Manav, who apparently has also had an accident with a car.
In the meantime, Manju and Vinod have a fight since Manju wants to celebrate her promotion, and Vinod cannot understand how Manju can have a party when the scene in the house is so bad. However, Manju goes ahead with the party, and eventually Vinod slaps her when Manju emphasizes that she is the one earning in the house.

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