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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahani - Abhay decides to stay away from Piya after seeing her with Jay

The serial keeps on moving fast, which is one of the parts that I like about this serial. Unlike some other serials, this serial moves with a lot of speed and gets its mini-stories over fairly quickly.
The story had come to a significant point after the 1 year in which Abhay had spent in the ice after being entombed by Mythili, but there was a loophole, that the true love of somebody could liberate him from the ice, and after that, it was a just a question of when Piya would come and set him free. And with Abhay communicating with her from below the ice prison, it was pretty clear that the moment would come soon, and so, Pia did manage to get Abhay free from the ice. Abhay still managed to keep himself away from Piya, since he wanted her to lead a normal lie and not get stuck with a vampire (Abhay) again. But he had promised that he would do whatever it takes to ensure that Piya remains safe and that he would protect her at all times.
The story is also taking along 2 budding love stories. Neel was in love with Panchi, but got offended when she rebuffed him, and decides to take revenge by actually carrying out an engagement with her and then dumping her. She is shocked when he tells her this, and maybe this changes her outlook a bit, since they her softening in terms of attitude towards Neel. Jay also hated Pia, but they show him softening towards Piya, and her also softening towards him.
This gets amplified when all of them go for a bike ride, and where Pia falls down from the bike after an accident and gets lost. Abhay leaves his house (after arguing with Chand) and finds her, and after he hands her over to Jay (without revealing himself), finds himself surrounded by werewolves who have gathered to kill him. It is at this time that Chand and Haseena arrive and together the 3 of them scare the werewolves away, but this will not be the last confrontation between these vampires and the werewolves; also because the mother of Jay and Neel is shown to be a werewolf herself.

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