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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pratigya - Amma shocks Krishna into putting his thumbprints onto the divorce papers

In Pratigya, the story is now related to the ongoing separation between Pratigya and Krishna. Amma wanted to ensure that there was a separation between Krishna and Pratigya, since she could not bear to see Pratigya in the house anymore. She used a lot of emotional drama and emotional blackmail to force Krishna to react in a manner where he saw that Pratigya was the reason why Amma got burnt. He then told Pratigya that the relationship between them was over, and it was time for her to leave the house.
Pratigya finally decided to go back to her parents house, since she saw that Krishna was not willing to maintain the relationship with her, but she was also determined not to end this relationship and to show that Amma was behind everything that was happening. So, when Shakti came with divorce papers (that Amma had forced krishna to apply his fingerprint on), Pratigya decided that she would fight back and show Krishna the true colors of his mother.
Pratigya called Amma to a different location at night for signing the divorce paper, and also called Krishna over there separately; she was however not sure whether Krishna would come there (although we were sure). When Amma came there, she got Amma speaking about why Amma did not like Pratigya (because after she came, Pratigya was the person to whom Krishna became the most attached, even opening a dhaba so that he could a honest income of his own); Amma also revealed that she was behind all the incidents where Krishna seemed to see that Pratigya was at fault. Krishna was shocked with all this, and Amma was equally shocked when she saw that Krishna was listening to all this.
On the other side, Sajjan Singh had gone to claim rent from a tenant who was not paying rent, and came back with his daughter, Ganga as a deposit on the rent. Amma was shocked when she saw that Sajjan Singh had come back with Ganga.

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