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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hindi TV Serial - Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani - Piya starting to get some of her memory back

Pyaar Ki Ye Ek Kahanii is going through some strange times, just like the serial always has. There has never been anything normal about this serial, and seems like things will not be. It has been a year since Abhay wiped Pia's memory clean, and now she is trying to get her memory back - she gets fleeting traces, but not her memory. On the other other hand, Abhay is encased in ice as per a curse from Mythili, and he will only be able to come out when somebody who really loves him is able to do this, and you know that it will be Pia who can do that.
Now, the situation is that Pia is starting to hear things in her head, and it seems that Abhay can now communicate with her even though he is under ice and is able to get her to come to where he is. She can see that there is somebody under the ice, and that voice helps her.
Ti hates Pia and her sisters, and tries to take the help of Neel, who loves Panchi desperately (and Panchi does not reciprocate those feelings, since she considers Neel a loser); so Neel comes in front of Pia's vehicle, and Ti tries to get Neel to implicate Pia since that would make Panchi come to Neel asking for his help. However, Pia manages to get out, and could actually have sent Ti to jail for a wrongful testimony. At the same time, Neel also is using his parents to try and do an official arranged marriage with Panchi, which is not something that Panchi is happy about, but her parents feel that it is best for her.
The complication for Pia now is that Neel's parents are trying to setup a studio on the same location where Abhay is buried, and Pia wants to prevent that (further, Hasina is still there and makes on attempt already to push away the workers who started trying to remove the block of ice in which Abhay is entombed); the workers get scared and run away.

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